Wide Band Synthesised FM Transmitter

type="html">Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) based crystal-locked wide band synthesised FM transmitter delivering a high quality, stable 10mW output. Accepts both MIC audio signal (10mV) and LINE input (1v p-p) for example hi-fi, CD, audio mixer (like kit 1052) or computer sound card.

The Radio Frequency (RF) output circuitry includes a three-pole filter for reduction of harmonics and other spurious signals. The spurious output signal level is better than -40dBc (0.0001 times the power of the wanted signal level), which makes the project suitable for driving an external power amplifier.

It delivers up to 10milliwatts of RF power to the antenna which can be a simple single wire about 74cm long (or open dipole or ground plane). Output power can be boosted to 250mW when used with our FM Power Amplifier.

Ideal project for the beginner who wants to get started in the fascinating world of FM broadcasting. See documentation link below for full details.

The transmitter is powered from a 12v supply, but it will operate from 9 Volts to 16 Volts. Please note that most standard DC mains adaptors are unsuitable for powering FM transmitters as they introduce an intolerable level of mains hum.

Download Manual 1 2 with Schematic and parts list. visit page

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