Build Your PLL Stereo FM Transmitter With LCD

type="html">Why don't build your FM Transmitter yourself? This Electronic circuit is a stereo FM Transmitter based on BH1415F wireless audio link IC. Phase Locked Loop (PLL) controller use PIC16F628 and the the PLL frequency programming can be displayed with 8x2 and 16x2 LCD. Frequency Range 88-108 MHz

BH1415F can be supplied with 6 - 15V voltage, consumes only around 25mA while providing very sound quality and improved 40dB channel separation. BH1415 is only available in SOP22 IC case and this may be an inconvenience for some folks. On the other hand, because the chip is smaller than regular DIP-based ICs it is possible to fit the entire stereo coder on a small PCB.

Download Documentation BH1415F

BH1415F Datasheet


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