4 Channel Temperature Data Logger Circuit

This circuit is a temperature data logger circuit, a microcontroller based circuit for temperature data logging via the serial port of any pc from between 1 and 4 remote digital temp. sensors, DS1820/DS18S20 made by Dallas.


Simple and Usable Home Alarm System

This Home Alarm System is simple, secure, speedy and cheap. It has just few elements with maximal protection with Rolling Code TX and Shock detector with variable sensitivity. The alarm module can be assembled in only two hours and it do not require manual preset.

Electronic Parts, Kits and Project

Electronic Parts, Kits and Project site publishing after today. Electronic kits are using an hobby entertainment for many people. Our purpose is showing everyone that Electronic Parts      are very funny hobby. What is Electronic Parts      ?

Do you want to know , what is electronic components.
You can browse wiki page for answer of this question. Here