AM25 - Professional AM Transmitter Kit

type="html">Synthesized Professional Quality for your AM Station!

* Fully synthesized, no frequency drift!
* Ideal for schools
* Microprocessor controlled
* Strappable for higher power output where regulations permit
* Includes AC power adapter and case set

Run your own AM radio station!
The AM25 operates anywhere within the standard AM broadcast band, and is easily set to any clear channel in your area. The design is similar to that of a commercial radio transmitter, so you'll learn how the "big guys" operate. It is widely used by school - standard output is 100 mW, with range up to 1/4 mile, but is jumper setable for higher output where regulations allow. Broadcast frequency is easily set with dip-switches and is stable without drifting. The transmitter accepts line level input from CD players, tape decks, etc. Includes case & knob set & AC power supply.
Note: The AM25 is a do-it-yourself learning kit that you assemble. The end user is responsible for complying with all FCC rules & regulations within the US, or any regulations of their respective governing body.

Download AM25 Manual Kit Visit Page

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