Variable DC Power Supply 1.5-15V

This is variable DC power supply for all your projects. It has three fully regulated DC supply outputs and two AC center tap outputs. Two DC outputs are continuously variable and one is fixed. Both AC outputs are fixed.

For detailed circuit of the variable DC Power Supply see schematic below:

DC Power Supply Specifications:
  • Output DC: 1) 1.5VDC - 15VDC @ 1Amp, 2) -1.5VDC to -15VDC, 3) 5VDC @ 3 Amps.
  • Output AC: 1) 6.3VAC @ 1Amp, 2) 12.6VAC @ 1Amp
  • Input: 110VAC (line cord included).
  • Includes full enclosure and knobs.
  • Features short circuit protection on all supplies.
  • Variable DC outputs can be stacked to get 3-30VDC @ 1Amp.

See DC Power Supply Project documentation for complete details, including schematic and theory of operation.
More info about Practical Bench AC/DC Power Supply.

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