Square Wave Oscillator 1Hz - 100KHz

type="html">A square wave generator is one of those pieces of equipment that has many uses in the workshop yet few hobbyists actually have. This simple kit, based on the popular 555 timer IC, generates six preset frequencies from 1Hz to 100khz. It has a wide operating voltage range and even provides visual indication of the output.

Easy-to-build kit generates six square waves of 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz & 100KHz output frequency using the onboard jumper selectors.

Ideal for the DIY test bench or school teaching project.

The kit is constructed on a single-sided printed circuit board (PCB). The PCB measures 78 x 50mm and will mount on a small Plastix “Jiffy” box. Protel Autotrax & Schematic were used to design the PCB.

Download User manual with schematic. Visit page.

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