1W Mono Amplifier with IC TDA7052

This circuit is a 1 watt mono amplifier using the TDA 7052 from Philips. It is designed to be used as a building block in other projects where a battery powered audio amplifier is required to drive a small speaker. It will operate best from 6 – 12 V DC and requires no heatsink for normal use.

Circuit Description :
There are only 5 external components. C1 is the input coupling capacitor, which blocks any DC that might be present on the input. C2 and C3 provide power supply decoupling, and R2 provides adjustable input level. This can be used as a volume control.

Components :
C1 : 2.2uF electrolytic capacitor
C2 : 100nF ceramic/mono
C3 : 100uF electrolytic
R1 : 1K ohm resistor
R2 : 10K ohm log potentiometer
Spindle for potentiometer
TDA7052 Integrated Circuit
8 pin IC socket
Kit 27 Printed Circuit Board

Source: http://www.alltronics.com

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