100w LCD PIC16F88 SWR Meter for VHF- UHF

type="html">This SWR Meters uses PIC16F88, which built in RC osclillator running at 8 MHz. Micro controller calculates forward and reflected power and in addition to FWD and REF readings on 2x16 LCD, cotrols LCD back light.

The very basic purpose to make this project is to encourage radio amateurs to build their own High Quality LCD SWR Meter at low price, instead of buying expensive ready made units.

Project is developed on two double-sided PTH boards. The first one CPU board where LCD, Regulator, and Op.amp are located. This board receives pure DC Level from sensor board for calculation and display. The Second board is RF Sensor Bridge where power from your transceiver comes in and goes out to antenna. Its strip line type pickup and uses SMT parts, including BAT85 diodes.

Download Project Documentation Visit Page

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