5/8 Wave Tunable FM Broadcast Antenna

This is a truly professional FM Broadcast antenna, at a hobbyist price that you can afford and is the antenna of choice for the professional personal radio broadcaster! This antenna is a true 5/8 Wave collinear vertical antenna giving you 3.4 dBi gain over the entire FM broadcast band range of 88-110 MHz! What does this mean to you?

That extra "Punch" and extended range you've been looking for! Precision match tuning over the band gives you an exact match to your operating frequency, at a VSWR of less than 1.5:1. This precision match, along with the heavy duty matching coil and durable thick wall aluminum construction provides a maximum power rating of 200 watts That's right, we said 200 watts! Input connection is through a standard PL-259 connector that is sealed inside the mast support pipe. Includes mounting hardware to attach to any mast from1" to 2 7/16". Mechanical assembly is required. If you are serious about your Personal Radio Broadcaster...this is YOUR antenna.

Download 5/8 Wave Tunable FM Broadcast Antenna

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