Audio Frequency Function Generator 20Hz - 20KHz

type="html">This is an AF function generation covering the frequencies between 25-25,000 Hz in three bands. It has sine, square and triangular saw tooth outputs and has sufficient output to drive any amplifier and low distortion to be useful in high precision measurements.

Freq. response:... 25-25,000 Hz (three ranges A, B, C)
Range A:..25-250 Hz
Range B:..250-2500Hz
Range C:..2500-25,000 Hz
Distortion:..0.5 % (Max.)
Output voltage:..10 V pp Sine & Triangular
16 V pp Square wave
Output impedance:... 600 ohm

How it Works
The frequency generator uses an IC the TL082 which is a dual op-amp to produce the basic
waveforms. The first of the two op -amps in the IC is used as an oscillator the frequency of
which can be set by means of the potentiometer P2 and its range depends on the value of the
capacitor C3 and is selected by means of S1. The trimmer P1 is used to adjust the duty cycle
of the oscillator. The second op-amp is an integrator which converts the triangular wave form
that is produced by the oscillator to a square one. P4 is used to adjust the amplitude of the
signal. P3 is used to adjust the amplitude of the triangular waveform.

The signal from the output of the oscillator is taken to the circuit built around the two transistors to be converted from triangular to sinusoidal. The two trimmers P5 and P6 are used to adjust the shape of the positive and negative portions of the signal for the best symmetry a nd minimum distortion and P7 is the potentiometer which adjusts the output level for this waveform. As you see the circuit consists of fairly basic building blocks with independent adjustments for every one of them which makes a very versatile and easy to operate instrument. The power supply is also incorporated on the circuit board and you only have to connect 24 VAC across the rectifier bridge to make the circuit work.

Download User Manual
with schematic. Visit page.

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