DC DC Converter 200W SG3524 SG3525 2X30V

DC to DC Converter circuit TDA7294, LM3886, TDA7293 and so on. more precisely, an integrated amplifier that works with symmetrical +-30v 200w amplifier 100w ... 12 ... 14 volts can be used to run .. Particularly suitable for use in cars with a lot of running amplifier circuit symmetrical supply voltage suitable for the 12v battery voltage required to make the turn AMPLIFIER

I've done tests with TDA7294 100w single channel opto küblör quite well with the results and feedback are performed 200W DC to DC converter is trying to be more stable tests' mosfet number of 4 is not bad but it can be used to increase the efficiency of

on pc power transformer EI33 transformer is used in the output power, ER35 and so on. (p3 times of the transformers used on the writer, but after EI33 EI33 core differences in various codes not used) DC-DC converter circuit, the transformer would normally use an ATX transformer in reverse "primer" placed on the side of the high voltage output getting "secondary"'ve come up with low-voltage MOSFETs in the output of

I used to know a lot on the first try a schema is applied to the circuit sg3524 sg3524 based on the Kaya Artemis at I figured it would be a pretty ran the circuit started to work, but does not output as clean as I wanted itabiriyle sg3524 structure, but the addition of output transistor can be done, but this was the way that these say a lot of things I decided to use sg3525 top version, nor is it used in the old schema, there is very little difference anyway circuit already worked with the other tests went well

DC to DC converter circuit with auto REM remote in the section Anfi have used this system for a multi-car ignition is switched off anfilerinde canceled according to the demand needed to stop the adilebilir Anfi or continuous operation of this section can be combined with the +12 v line.

Are ATX power supply is used at the DC output 5v output of the filter coil windings take the +30 v and-30v line, use the

In addition, the current drawn will work, but for those who will give information to integrated depends on the current drawn is different from the same Even though I'm guessing all the time I have each had 4 modules are all different, so 600mA current pulled from 1a said

Finally, DCDC converter applications so far so I'm not interested in a long-term vocation, I am more concerned about smps high voltage, but not very useful in this study was the first DCDC converters have a strong source with a very high uğraşacaksanız trials because sometimes drawn too high current switching without enough power MOSFETs on or even not notice it turns out that different problems take time mosfet circuit debugging costs can mean boredom ...

also supply should not be less than 12 volts (works with 12V circuits) or even higher is better anyway, for example cars, usually over 12v 12v power supply with a 14V supply and the trials I've seen a big difference on the output voltage is less than 14V, the voltage drop was falling arttırınca also less than the number of mosfet but rather the number of mosfet mosfet drive was a good thing .... Transformers removed from the power supply to the PC I use to run the amp barely 200w 5v transformer windings When used, but have not tested it, but I do not know what happens when the output winding is used in that section with the switched 30V MOSFETs anlıyacağınız remain high for the number of coil windings according to him the higher the secondary output is increasing that's the core also affects the power, wire, need to be open-handed to mosfet cooler looks a bit short videos :) finally proud of the work a little bit bigger

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