Simple and Usable Home Alarm System

This Home Alarm System is simple, secure, speedy and cheap. It has just few elements with maximal protection with Rolling Code TX and Shock detector with variable sensitivity. The alarm module can be assembled in only two hours and it do not require manual preset.

Home Alarm System with this features are the most cheap scheme and the overall price could be reduced using a normal external sounder (escl. AG8).GSM faculty will be add in the future for a remote control.

The blue led connected to the pin RA3 of mini- controller is applied like a memory to know if the home warning device has been activated by an event and it has reset after a reactivation. The red led connected to the power supply before the 1N5406 diode is used to check the power supply connection. Of course the other 3 micro led red near the relays are used to check the output state.
 Here you can download the last version of  The Home Alarm System


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